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We worked as a team with each of us adding our own individual talents, interests, and energy to the project. Here, you can read more about who we are and what the EVC New Media Arts experience has meant to us. 

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My name is Michael Crizanto and I am 18 years old. I am a senior in High school at the School for Tourism and Hospitality. Right now I am passionate about animation more specifically 2d animations. After High School I hope to attend Niagara County Community College to start off my college career,majoring in animation and go to a four year school afterwards for a more advanced study in animation. I hope to be an animator for a television company such as Nickelodeon and Cartoon Network. My hobbies include drawing, Skateboarding, photography, and being outdoors. At EVC, I gained editing skills, paid more attention to details, and learned how to work in team to get the job done right. I also learned how to interview people in my community. With these skills, I was able to be  more social than I was in previous years. Lastly, I will be able to apply these skill in my academic future. For example editing: edit voice recording to the right animated drawing, getting a team to help accomplish that goal much faster and getting great ideas to improve the animated short. Lastly interview will help me to be more social in college as I am talking to random strangers already.



Nathaly is currently at High School of Fashion Industries. She is a dedicated worker with numerous hobbies such as drawing and art. 


The EVC New Media Arts program was a fun experience for Nathaly. She was able to connect and collaborate with people, design the logo for Planet Now, and was able to push her creativity outside the box. It is really cool how innovative you can become with the diverse people you interact with on a consistent basis. We all come from different schools and backgrounds, that offer different perspectives. To create a remix video and integrate our passions into it, something beautiful and empowering happens.



I am Thalia J. Tassy, I go by Thalia Jasmine and I am an aspiring performer and student at high school of fashion industries. I hope to enroll in an HBCU college year 2021, focusing in art since my major is art at my high school. 

Three experiences have shaped me with what i want to do in the future. First, at the Educational Video Center, I learned how to edit videos, interview people, and do in-depth research about a global issue (e.g., climate change). Second, at the All in Team Theatre Kids program, I had the opportunity to perform in front of a large audience and participate in high school theatre festivals at _______ location and this taught me how to be comfortable presenting in front of people . Last, with BridgeUP STEM, I take computer programming classes in the museum of natural history. In this program, I understood the importance of patience, effort, and teamwork. 

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