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Earth Institute

Columbia University

Columbia’s Earth Institute blends research in the physical and social sciences, education and practical solutions to help guide the world onto a path toward sustainability.



SustainUS is a non-profit, nonpartisan, youth-led advocacy group in the United States. Its goal is to improve youth participation and youth empowerment as it relates to advancing sustainable development.

Sunrise Movement

sunrise movement.png

Sunrise Movement is a youth-led political movement that aims to stop the climate crisis. This group is holding 8 tours throughout America in order to bring awareness to climate change. They have already lead a protest to Senate Mitch McConnell because he wanted to shut down the movement.

Union of Concerned Scientists

Union of concerned scientists.png

The Union of Concerned Scientists is a national nonprofit organization founded by scientists and students at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology who fight to preserve and better our earth.

Our Inspirations

Greta Thunberg

The Youth Climate Movement

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