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About our site

Our actions have significantly contributed to climate change. Therefore, it is only natural that it should be us human beings to address the issue. To take effective action, we need to make decisive decisions today. We, the youth producers at the Educational Video Center’s New Media Arts Apprenticeship, do just that. With this website, we hope our audience takes away a better understanding of what climate change is, trace its causes and effects on earth, find ways to reduce its impact on a local and global level, and take actions to inspire others.


Climate change affects everyone. It affects people’s health and well-being through various sectors such as agriculture, water supply, energy, and weather. We are deeply concerned about climate change and how at one point we won't be able to adapt to its rapid impacts. Here you will find useful information and resources to build awareness, enact change, and inspire people to become facilitators and activists in their communities. We hope our project will convince you that climate change takes a huge toll on our lives in multiple ways and we don't have too much time to take action.

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